Saturday, March 5, 2011

My new glob

I'm starting this blog because apparently my older blog spots disappeared and exist only in the nether space of Internet that is made up of cached or linked images. Also, apparently I don't know what else to do with my weekend when I don't want to go out but don't want to watch TV.

I feel inclined to start with an update regarding my hair. It's long and natural colored again. There, that's out of the way.

Next, I feel I should mention something about my school status. I'm not going to school this semester. This is easy; I win at blogging.

I heard a woman was beaten into a coma for attempting to save a parking spot by standing in it. It reminded me of how mad I was just yesterday at this soccer-mom van blocking three lanes of drive-in windows at the bank. (But dissimilarly, she honked at me when I pulled around her to take a position in one of the lanes.) It's unsettling how navigating hulking steel sets people on edge. I wish we had a transportation system comprised of vacuum tubes. I heard this idea was implemented once with trains, but it didn't work out so well. Too bad.

I learned today that a nectarine is a fuzzless peach. This altered my nectarine eating experience. They are a lesser fruit now in comparison to the delicious peach. Er I mean, they are a peach. See, I'm still reeling from the knowledge. Also, for a minute I couldn't tell if the word reeling was spelled right. That really is a trippy experience: when you see a word and for a moment it's foreign, but you know its meaning and spelling is buried somewhere in your subconscious because you've just produced it, and then in an instance the confusion clears and you know the word again. Stupid language. Stupid brain.

Um. How about the iPad, eh? Tablets. What a joke. (Sorry, Deanna.) Now if it came with a hot dog or something. But this topic reminds me of a cool feature on my phone that Thomas introduced me to. It's called Swype. I told Thomas, using it makes texting like a game for me now. It's seriously fun. Here's a video demonstration:

Cool. I'm done blogging.